Alumni Bio: Colin Stone


Colin Stone

Alumni of FRC 131, CHAOS

How did you get involved with FIRST and what was your experience like as a team member?

I thought that most engineers were “nerdy”, but when a group of my friends from the soccer and tennis teams also wanted to join CHAOS, we all agreed to join together. It was only then that the stereotype was broken, and we met a whole new group of students, that I still keep in touch with off-and-on today.

My FIRST experience was amazing. I learned so much from the team and competitions. I learned how to problem-solve, think quickly, plan, budget, talk to people I didn’t know, present ideas to a group of people, learn to deal with failures and struggles. The team did all of this in a supportive environment.

How did FIRST impact your life and career choices beyond high school?

After competing with CHAOS 131, I knew I wanted to go into engineering and I ended up graduating with a BS in Industrial Engineering from WNE University 4 years later. I really loved the aspect continuous improvement, which I saw some elements of while on CHAOS 131 over those 4 years. We would try to keep finding ways to improve the robot, our planning, getting more students involved, and the team as a whole.

Have you or do you plan to stay involved with FIRST and if so, how?

I have continued to coach till this year, and I will keep mentoring team 1922 for years to come. I learned so much from FIRST, and I want to give back to the program that helped me become who I am today.

I also really enjoy competing with, and against, CHAOS. I bleed green and orange.