Alumni Bio: Greg Marra

Greg Marra

Alumni of FRC 177, Bobcat Robotics


How did you get involved with FIRST and what was your experience like as a team member?

I joined FIRST my junior year of high school when I heard my team needed someone to work on the robot’s software. I loved FIRST in high school.

How did FIRST impact your life and career choices beyond high school?

I work at Facebook as a Product Manager on the News Feed Team. I work on News Feed Ranking – how we put your News Feed in the most interesting order for you personally. We get a lot of feedback from people in 1:1 user interviews and surveys, and use a lot of machine learning and artificial intelligence to figure out how to best rank your feed.

It was through FIRST that I realized that math and science could be used to make things – I had never realized what “engineering” was before FIRST. FIRST is why I applied to engineering programs in college, and why I went to Olin College to study Electrical Engineering. That led me into software engineering, and is why I went to go work at Google and then Facebook. I probably would not have majored in Engineering without FIRST.

Have you or do you plan to stay involved with FIRST and if so, how?

I help run The Blue Alliance  and now am getting involved mentoring a team again (5507, Robotic Eagles) . It’s great to get to give back and help inspire more kids to go on to STEM studies in college and careers.