New England Launches BAE Systems Mini-Bot Challenge

Dear New England Teams:

We are so excited that kickoff off for the 2021 season is finally here!!!

In addition to what you will be seeing today from FIRST HQ at noon, we would like to share with you a new challenge for our registered New England teams.

BAE Systems has generously provided funding for one kit of parts per team to construct a Romi robot that will compete in various challenges throughout 2021. Details will be featured on the WPILib as we unveil the challenges. More to come on that.

We will be setting up pick up locations throughout New England later this month so you can collect your complimentary kit and BAE Systems backpacks. Additional Romi robot kits will also be able to be purchased at a discounted rate. We will be providing you a separate coupon code from Pololu, who also has been a generous supporter, in another email if you would like to have more than one for your team.

Tune into You Tube today at 11:45 am for the premiere of the NE FIRST BAE Systems Mini-Bot Challenge and share the link with your students, sponsors and friends.

While we know this season will be much different than in the past, we are working hard in New England to ensure the experience is like no other and inspires each and every one of your students.

Thank you so much for all your time and effort to prep our youth for work and life. We could not do it without you!

Happy 2021 Kickoff Day.

Peace & robots,

Kim Pita, Executive Director (Interim)