New England 2022 Season Plan & COVID-19 Response

Welcome back to the 2022 season!

568 days ago (and counting!), we wrapped up our Week 2 events in New England. We took down our fields, packed our tools, and took off waiting for the next week of competition. But only a few days later, the worldwide cancellation of the season became announced. The wait for competitions was on.

Since that announcement, the FIRST community faced uncertainty, a season of virtual participation, and opportunities to benefit everyone around them.

On July 31st, Battlecry kicked off the official off-season for the New England Infinite Recharge season.

Now, we are pleased to announce that the 2022 season will be coming back, better than ever, IN-PERSON! To prepare, we held two town hall meetings on September 28th and 30th. After answering your questions, we finalized several cohesive action plans for any event. We have supplied a summarized version below.

Please note that these plans are not finalized, and are subject to change as guidelines change.

Last Updated: 10-01-2021 7 p.m. EST

Event safety protocols

For the 2022 Season, New England FIRST will be following CDC guidelines and several developed plans in order to create a in-person season. We are trusting our community to make informed decisions, events safe, and to show their gracious professionalism at all times.

  • Mask Mandate -- everyone in the building WILL be required to wear a mask at all times. 
  • Spectators -- No spectators will be allowed at events.
  • Vaccination -- Everyone is required to have the vaccine, unless a negative test at least 72 hours prior.
    • Vaccination Cards will not be checked, and will be on the honor system.

COVID-19 Plans

NE FIRST has prepared five plans for on-season events. Each plan has a corresponding volunteer pool number, team size, length, and more. When details become public, this chart will be updated with the corresponding date, and will be republished.

Plan NameAmount of TeamsLimit of Team MembersCompetition LengthVolunteering SizeOther Info
Plan A40 Teams maximumNo Limit2 DaysFull SizeNo Spectators
Plan B40 Teams maximumReduction (10 Members)2 DaysSlighly reducedNo Spectators
Plan C18 Teams maximumReduction (TBD)1 DayReductionNo Spectators
Plan D40 TeamsReducedReduction3 Centralized Events, read more below.
Plan XWhole DistrictNoneN/AFully VirtualVirtual Season

Plan D Details

In the event NE FIRST has to reduce events for public safety, we will be implementing 3 centralized events for teams to participate in.

  • Event Locations -- Worcester, MA; Manchester, NH; and Hartford, CT
  • 40 Teams will be at each event.
  • Limited seating is possible, however very unlikely.
  • More info to come if needed.

District Event Schedule

The 2022 Season will have ten events scheduled over the course of six weeks. If extra teams register in 2022, a Rhode Island event is reserved for Week 5.

  • Week 1: March 3rd - 5th --
    • Granite State: Salem High School
  • Week 2: March 11th - 13th --
    • Waterbury: Wilby High School
    • Pinetree: Thomas College
  • Week 3: March 18th - 20th --
    • North Shore: Reading Memorial High School
    • Western NE: Western New England University
  • Week 4: March 25th - 27th --
    • Central Massachusetts: Shrewsbury High School
    • Greater Boston: Revere High School
  • Week 5: March 31st - April 2nd --
    • New Hampshire Seacoast: NO VENUE SCHEDULED AS OF 10/1/2021
  • Week 6: April 8th - 10th --
    • WPI: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    • Hartford: NO VENUE SCHEDULED AS OF 10/1/2021
  • Week 7: April 13th - 16th --
    • District Championships: The Big E
      • Fields in the Coliseum, Pits in the Stroh Building 
      • 80 Team Event is currently planned.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • We are currently looking for year-round practice fields in all six states. If your team has the space, please email us!
  • Data is being collected for 2022 Season Participation! If your team did not register for 2021, or registered and never competed in official challenges, please email with your team number and status for the season.
    • You do not have to be participating this season in order to email us!
  • STEM@Work, formerly University Day), will be happening remotely on November 20th this year. We are currently looking for topic suggestions and presentors.
  • Minibot Challenge "Alliance Antics" is getting a recharge on December 4th. More information to follow!