24th of September 2021

Five Reasons to Volunteer this Season!

Looking for something to do this season? Here are five great reasons why you should volunteer with New England FIRST!   1.  Learn New Things! Learning doesn’t stop after you graduate! Employers are looking for candidates with a range of skills, and volunteering gives plenty of opportunities to add to your personal and professional skillRead More »

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27th of August 2021

Equity for All

FIRST is an organization that deeply values it’s mission to spread STEM to everyone regardless of their background. This goal requires the presence of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion measures (commonly referred to as ED&I) to be common and practiced within every FIRST space, regardless of program, status, team, location, and other measures. Creating a diverseRead More »

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13th of August 2021

Brainstorming at Maryland Tech Invitational

On July 31st and August 1st 2021, FIRST Tech Challenge teams from around the world gathered at the Maryland Tech Invitational (referred to as MTI). This was the first in-person competition for several teams outside of their virtual tournaments this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NE FIRST sat down with MTI Finalists, FTC-8644 Brainstormers, to talkRead More »

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6th of August 2021

Battlecry Victory

On July 31st and August 1st 2021, 35 teams ranging from New York to Maine gathered at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for Battlecry 21. This event was the first of its kind in New England after 510 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NE FIRST interviewed Day 1 Alliance 2 Pick and Day 2 Winner, FRC-5813 Morpheus,Read More »

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23rd of July 2021

Terrorbots & Minibots

This story is a testimonial provided by FIRST Robotics Team 3623 – Terrorbots, written by Robotics Coordinator Jake Janssens. When New England’s minibot challenge rolled out, The Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leomister would soon realize that this small robot would create such a big impact within their team. When we opened the boxRead More »

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9th of July 2021

Minibots & Andromeda One

This story is a testimonial provided by FIRST Robotics Team 4905 – Andromeda One on 6/28/2021. Written by Bill Walter and Seth Valliere. When FRC4905 Andromeda One picked up their free Romi Mini-bot, they had no idea that it would lead to such a broad path of learning and fun while improving the team’s capabilities. Team 4905Read More »

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3rd of May 2021

Greetings from New Executive Director Michael Fantom

To my new FIRST family! Please let me share a little about who I am and what makes me tick — like a little Romi Robot! I grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland the youngest of five children. I studied education at University in the UK and taught in Argentina and Scotland before becoming involved inRead More »

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3rd of March 2021

New Executive Director Announced

A Letter to the NE FIRST Community March 2021 Dear NE FIRST community, I hope everyone is having a great start to 2021. By now, you should have all received your MiniBot for the NE FIRST MiniBot challenges, presented by BAE Systems. BAE Systems has been a long time supporter of FIRST and NE FIRST,Read More »

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25th of February 2021

STEM@WORK Series Launches on March 20

At NE FIRST, we are building a series of seminars and workshops for our teams across New England. The first event, New England Innovation Day,  will be held via Zoom on March 20 from 11 to 12:30 pm. Download the PDF here to share with your friends. NE Innovation Day 2021 Please register to receiveRead More »

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17th of February 2021

Mini Bot Challenge Office Hours 2/17

Have questions about the NE FIRST BAE Systems Mini-Bot Challenge? Tune in tonight for our office hours from 7 to 8 pm on Discord.

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