Individual Giving

We would love to welcome you to the New England FIRST donor community. With your donation, you are helping to inspire our youth in grades K-12.

30 years ago, FIRST was created to inspire young people to become science and technology innovators and leaders, ready to solve the world’s greatest technology challenges. Now, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we’re seeing how urgently relevant our mission really is. FIRST students have used their FIRST skills for good to make masks, create face shields, and use robot parts to build emergency ventilators and grocery-delivery robots. The FIRST community is doing more, even in these adverse conditions, to be part of a solution to a very big global problem.

Today, we reach more young people with FIRST than ever before. Through our programs, kids of all ages and backgrounds are building a pathway for their future. But we’re facing our most challenging year yet as a global organization and community. Many regions we serve have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools, where many students access our programs, are facing unprecedented challenges.

New England FIRST needs your donation to innovate and sustain our programs, keep our community engaged, and keep our mission accelerating. We will ensure that your gift creates the most impact possible, including by inspiring others to join you in donating to FIRST.

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